Saturday, December 22, 2012

Seeking Passengers on the SS Marine Jumper

On March 3, 1949, the SS Marine Jumper left Hamburg for the United States with European refugees, primarily Jewish survivors from displaced persons (DP) camps.  Janette Silverman is looking for people who were on that specific sailing, or their descendants, for research on a new book project.  If you or your ancestors were on the Marine Jumper, please contact Janette directly at  If you know someone who was on that sailing, please give them her e-mail address and ask them to contact her.


  1. My father was on SS Marine Jumper and arrived in NY on February 16, 1949. His name was Binem Neuman

  2. Thank you for posting! Have you contacted Janette directly at

  3. My father came to us in ship on Marine Jumper from Southampton in august of 1947

    1. I wonder how many years the Marine Jumper sailed?


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