Friday, March 16, 2012

Account Book for King William of Orange's Army Rediscovered

William of Orange brought an army of 35,000 men to Ireland in 1690 to fight King James II and VII (James II of England and Ireland and James VII of Scotland; he was the great-grandson of Mary, Queen of Scots).  William defeated James at the Battle of the Boyne and became King William III of England (he was Mary's great-great-grandson); his wife was Queen Mary II (James II's daughter), and the College of William and Mary was named for them.

A parchment account book recording payments made to William's 35,000-man army was found during renovations at Belfast City Hall.  The book includes a detailed record on each man in the army.  Apparently it was known that the book was there, but no one had realized the wealth of information in it.  The book has been given to the Orange Order, a Protestant fraternal organization.

A BBC article says that the book will eventually be on display at the Orange Order's headquarters in Belfast.  I hope someone will be permitted to create an index of the names in the book.


  1. Very interesting what a wonderful find

    1. It really does sound interesting. I haven't seen anything else in the news about the book since the announcement two years ago, though.


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